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The Chronology of a lie.

Helmut Kohl




Until 1989             Promises - Promises
The German chancellors, including the present one, Helmut Kohl, together with their henchmen used to say:  "In case of a unification of the two Germanys we shall rectify the injustices perpetrated by the communists in East Germany, particularly the many confiscations of private property such as farms and private industrial enterprises because they constitute a gross violation of human decency and respect for human dignity. Besides that, private ownership of real estate is a fundamental right in Germany."

November 1989             Free fall
The fall of the Berlin Wall. ---- With it fell the integrity of many German politicians.

March 1990             Munich
Several government officials met in Munich and decided that the privately owned farmland and industrial enterprises, which the communists had confiscated in East Germany were not to be returned to their owners.

June 1990             Kohl's explanation
The treaty of unification spelled out that the confiscation of private property by the communists prior to 1949 could not be reversed because, as Kohl and his henchmen explained to the German people:

The Soviet Union has made the retention of the confiscations prior to 1949 a precondition of German unification .

Theo Waigel

Throughout the fall of 1990             Waigel's plan
Finance Minister Waigel told the German people that unification would finance itself. His plan was to sell or rent out the confiscated private properties, the Federal Republic of Germany acting like a fence.
For this purpose a trusteeship was formed whose mandate it was to administer the scheme.

October 1990             Treaty signed
The unification treaty was signed. At that time 112 members of Parliament went on record to say that they did not approve the acceptance of the confiscations, but they would vote in favor of the treaty in order not to forfeit the chance at unification since the Soviet Union was said to have made that precondition.

April 23, 1991             first Supreme Court judgement
The victims of these injustices had taken their cause to the Supreme Court of Germany on the basis that their treatment by Bonn was in violation of the principle of equality guaranteed in the constitution. There was an inequality created because those people, whose properties had been confiscated by the communists after 1949, did get their properties back. The court, however, sided with the government saying that the high goal of unification justified this inequality, especially since the Soviet Union had made the well known demand. The victims could very well be expected to bring this sacrifice for the greater good of the country. However, the court did order some form of compensation to be paid to the victims.

February 1996             the Truth revealed

Kohl/Pinocchio animated GIF

The British historian Norman Stone exposed the claim of the government regarding that Soviet precondition as what it really is:             a blatant lie!
Stone based his findings on an interview with Gorbachev and on statements made by the other participants of the negotiations on German unification, including the then U.S. president Bush.