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The English section of this homepage has not quite been completed. Completion is expected by the end of April 03 .Meanwhile please check out whatever there is available as of now. Thank you.

April has come and gone, and I still did not get around to finishing the site. Sorry about that. I'll try for the end of May. Thanks for your understanding.

Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Eberhard (Ed.) Pluemecke. I hail from a small village in former East Germany. With my website I should like to tell you about one of the many dark chapters in 20th century Germany: the so-called "Democratic Land Reform" on the territory ot former East Germany, and in particular how the Kohl government dealt with it during and after German unification. I shall reveal background circumstances and conditions of the time, and I shall be calling a spade a spade.
Some of the details will be dealing with the concrete case of my own family. My family had been actively farming in one of the most productive areas in all of Germany for about 3 centuries, and I make no apologies if my documentation on occasion shows my personal bias, because after all, as one who is directly affected I am an eye witness. It is the purpose of this documentation to show the world the incredible injustice perpetrated by the Kohl government under active assistance by Kohl's henchmen, in particular Messrs.: Bohl, Gerster, Herzog, Kinkel, Schäuble and Waigel. Naturally this can best be done by eye witnesses.

Finally I should like to thank my wife, Liesel, for her patient proof reading and Todd for his help with the html.