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The "Compensation"

It took the German government a long time to produce a law about the compensation, which the Supreme Court had mandated. In the case of the author of this documentation the application of this law yields a ‘compensation’ of 217,000 Marks. (A rough conversion to Euros would require a division by 2.) All the calculations are dated back to a valuation, which took place in 1935. The 1935 valuation in this case was just under one million Marks. The ‘compensation’ of 217,000 Marks would represent 22% of the value in 1935. Now: the operation confiscated by the communists in 1945 was a fully functioning flourishing farm that provided the livelihood for about 10 families. It comprised 325 ha (800 acres) of the most productive soil in Germany, the ‘Magdeburger Börde’, a full complement of animals and machinery, the family residence with all its contents, staff quarters and a crop in the field. 217,000 Marks today would merely build a modest house on a small lot. Considering this it becomes obvious that the ‘compensation’ is a sham, and the ‘law’ which produced it is a document of evil will. The 22% of the 1935 value become about 1.8% of the 2002 value. Add to that the loss of income for 50 years and the ‘compensation’ becomes a mere pittance

But the "best" is yet to come: The claims are to be paid by government debentures starting in the year 2004. However, since the government has other spending priorities, not nearly all claims can be satisfied in short order. The claims will be funded to an annual maximum. A draw among the claimants will determine which claims will be satisfied in any given year, and those claims which could not be satisfied will be deferred to the following year and so on, until all the claims have been met. Present estimates, based on the fact that by the end of the year 2000 only 14976 of an estimated 600,000 claims had been processed, predict that the procedure will extend over decades. The matter gets worse: the agony is being prolonged by staff reductions in the claims offices. Between the years 1995 and 2000 the number of offices has been reduced from 115 to 53 and the number of staff from 3824 to 1020. Starting in 2005 the debentures are scheduled to bear interest at 6%. However, the proceeds of the debentures are subject to a whopping 30% capital gains tax.

There is also a provision which offers the rightful owners the opportunity to

buy back part of their own property.

Incredible, you say, to buy ones stolen property back from the thieves? – not in Germany!

Considering the astronomical costs of administering this whole procedure, it once again becomes obvious what thinking people have known all along:

"a ‘golden opportunity’ was missed, because allowing justice to prevail and returning the properties to their rightful owners would not have cost society one penny, but created social peace"

It would have set into action the most motivated people: the rightful owners. They would have spared neither hardships nor expenses to resurrect their ancestral homes from the ruins of 50 years of mismanagement. But that would have been contrary to the plans of Kohl and his henchmen. So they invented the lie of a soviet precondition which they then presented to the people, the parliament, and the Supreme Court. The victims of this treason, however, instead of having the opportunity to rebuild, have to direct their energies to Strasbourg, where they are now taking the government of their own country to Court, the European Court . This, of course, generates more costs and delays. With this treatment of German citizens the politicians add another shameful chapter to the history of the country.

Justice delayed is justice denied!