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Toward the end of WWII Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin met in the Crimean resort town of Yalta and agreed on how to divide Germany once the war was over. As a result of that conference Germany was divided into 4 parts each of which was to be occupied by one of the victors. Thus the Soviet Union received the East of the country, The USA the South, Britain the North and most of the North West, and France the extreme West. Berlin was divied up in a similar manner. This is the genesis of East and West Germany and East and West Berlin respectively. As soon as the Soviets received their share the communists started what they called the "democratic land reform". By this 'reform' they confiscated all the farms which exceeded 100 hectares (approximately 250 acres) plus a wide variety of privately owned factories and businesses. At the time this action had to be accepted, albeit grudgingly, as the result of the collision of two economical philosophies, those of communism and capitalism. Also, of course, under the reality of a lost war.
This action, dubbed by the communists as the "democratic land reform", however, constitutes a gross violation of the Haague Convention of 1899 (still valid), which states in article XLVI :"Family honours and rights, individual lives and private property, as well as religious convictions and liberty, must be respected.


The official rational for the land reform was that the owners of large estates were collectively war mongers and "junkers" who were now receiving the punishment they deserved. The term "junker' in communist nomenclature refers to owners of large tracts of land, and members of the 'nobility' which is even today indicated by the small prefix 'von' in front of their names. Fact is, however, that only about 8% of the people whose properties were confiscated belonged to the 'nobility' The vast majority were ordinary farmers who lived inside their villages like everybody else. But this did not bother the communists. They simply lumped all owners of more than 250 ha together.They also ignored the fact that a marority of the military officers who were involved in the assacination attempt agains Hitler of July 20, 1944 were members of the nobility. These proceedings took place during September of 1945.
Most of the victims were immediately taken in 'protective custody' in order to, as the communists explained, protect them from the collective anger of the people. Some were murdered and the cause of death was given as suicide. Some may have indeed taken their own lives. Myself, at the age of 14 then, made a daily trip to the jailhouse in order to take food and tobacco to my father. I was among the lucky ones in that the communist trustee of our farm sometimes allowed me the use of a horse-drawn carriage for that purpose. By Christmas 1945 the victims were released from jail and soon thereafter they and their famlies were expelled from their home municipalities (see documents ) The official rational given above, however, takes on an entirely different face if one reads the "Order for the land reform in the Province of Saxony of September 3, 1945. There, in article 1, it says:
"The democratic land reform is a national, economic and social necessity which can no longer be delayed. It has to guarantee the liquidation of the feudal junker estates and put an end to the domination of the junkers in the village."
With this in mind one can now call the land reform what it really was:

"a blatant act of hatred based on socio-economic status"

to be continued