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February 1996             the Truth revealed

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The British historian Norman Stone exposed the claim of the government regarding that Soviet precondition as what it really is:             a blatant lie!
Stone based his findings on an interview with Gorbachev and on statements made by the other participants of the negotiations on German unification, including the then U.S. president Bush.

March 1, 1998             Gorbachev in Berlin

In front of an audience of some 1600 the former Soviet head of state reiterated what he had said before: at no time during the negotiations leading up to German unification did the Soviet Union place any conditions on German property restitution. These questions were left entirely up to the Germans. And, there were no secret arrangements, neither written nor oral, nor were there any gentlemen agreements.

The following day Herr Bohl, chancellor Kohl's adjutant, called Gorbachev's remarks "incomprehensible".

Whom to believe? Bohl was not present at the negotiations, Gorbachev was.