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The victims, numbering in the tens of thousands, wish to make the following points:

  1. The confiscation by the communists in the years between 1945 and 1949 constitute a gross violation of international law, especially the Hague Convention.
  2. It is a travesty that confiscations before 1949 should be treated differently than those after 1949.
    (Properties confiscated after 1949 have been returned to their rightful owners.)
  3. The formal recognition of the communist confiscations by the Supreme Court is tantamount to an expropriation. The Supreme Court judges must have been aware of this when they ordered that some compensation be paid. Bonn did design a scheme for such compensation and the possibility for the rightful owners to purchase their own property. What an irony! Buy your own back from the thieves!
    A scant examination of this scheme, however, reveals its true purpose: the eradication of the former group of owners, and the firm entrenchment of the former communist administrators as the new owners, many of whom have successfully undergone the transformation into capitalists. Hence the term "red barons".
  4. The first judgement of the Supreme Court is based on misinformation, willingly and knowingly provided by the Bonn government.
  5. The Supreme Court did not even allow the plaintiffs to cross-examine the government witnesses.
  6. It is amazing that the head of the Supreme Court in 1990 is now the president of the country.
  7. It is equally amazing that the chief government witness now has a plush position abroad.
  8. In terms of fiscal policy the Waigel plan must be regarded as a complete failure. The trusteeship has managed the affairs so poorly, that by the end of 1995 they had generated a deficit of 3.6 billion.
  9. If the properties had been returned to their rightful owners, there would have been no cost to the public purse. On the contrary, the most motivated people would have been mobilized who spare no personal sacrifice in order to resurrect their family estates from the shambles into which 45 years of neglect have plunged them.
  10. The victims wish to emphasize that they will relinquish claims on properties which are now being held by individuals who have accepted them in good faith in 1945. What the victims claim are those parts of their properties which fell into the hands of the Bonn government. Surely that is not asking too much!
  11. It is encouraging that the victims have recently received the support of a number of people who have recognized the travesty of the situation. Much to the chagrin of the Bonn government they do not give up the fight for their right. They do so in keeping with an old German saying:

Justice delayed is justice denied!